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Much discussion has come about in the last few days about the most outrageous 
and unprecedented bill in all of the United States, North Carolina’s new Anti-LGBT Bill.
  Many in the LGBTQ community everywhere are calling for boycotts of companies originating in NC or who do business in the state or even boycott the state of North Carolina .

 This is a double-edged sword! 
 While we are struggling to overcome the non-discrimination protections, this law eliminates; far too many of our community rely on those very companies for their livelihood. It is hard enough struggling for equality in the workplace and either not being hired or fired because you are gay, lesbian or transgender. 

  It is easy for individuals to advocate a boycott if you are not employed by those North Carolina based companies or live outside of the state. Boycotts have worked in the past toward companies that have displayed an anti-LGBTQ stance, (e. Cracker Barrel or Chic Filet) and helped pressure events from taking place in a state that showed the same disdain for the LGBT community that the Republican legislature in NC has just created.  Yet, to boycott a company just because it is in North Carolina or has a home base in NC hurts fellow LGBT individuals. 

So rather than boycott the entire state and the strong LGBT presence in the state, get behind those companies that already have taken a stand condemning the bill like:
 American Airlines, PayPal, IBM, Biogen, Dow Chemical, the NBA, the NCAA, Facebook, Lowe's, Bank of America, Apple, Duke University, Wake Forest University, Bayer, Red Hat and Google ...
use  letters of encouragement to them to help pressure other companies to do the same or send to other companies asking them to follow suit. 

 “Corporate America could tip the scale,” said Michael Bitzer, political science professor at Catawba College in Salisbury, northeast of Charlotte.
"If businesses are starting to look at North Carolina and says this is not the environment 
we want to be in, that could have some blowback, and McCrory would be in the bull's-eye," Bitzer said.

GayAshevilleNC proposes the following actions first instead of complete boycotts:

1)A campaign was created some years ago, that worked, proving to companies the might and power of the LGBT dollar and what they would lose if they didn’t standup against a law like NC’s. Stamp your money with a simple LGBT customer on it and or create cards to present to cashiers with a Justice Card-  that states: As a regular customer,
I ask you to take a stand and Partner in Justice for North Carolina by advocating the Repeal of HB2!  I cannot patronage a business that does not take a stand.
This move will definitely help those corporations, not already taking a stand, to realize what they have to lose by not standing up for Justice.   
Ask them if they will post a Justice Partner Card for others to know they support the Repeal. 
Download a Justice Card and a Justice Partner Card on your left. 

2)Here is the biggest way to combat constant negative actions against equality for all.  VOTE!  If every member of the LGBT community and their allies, rallied around candidates whom support Equal Rights and then voted for them, we could stop this knee-jerk reactions from the conservative left with regards to the LGBT community. Simply, remove them from office. You can’t just get mad and stand at a protest rally! You have to make a commitment and use your vote as a weapon

We love living in Asheville and the overall “Welcoming” attitude displayed here. Yes, we have had some problems and now this North Carolina Bill; however, together we can work to correct the wrong that has been done. 

 We promise to be tireless in promotion of our community and its accomplishments and help prove to all individuals and corporations, just what it is like to be part of a community that works, plays and lives together-gay, bi, transgender or straight in harmony and respect.  

Show Your Support to Repeal HB2...  
Download PDF files and print cards
 below to give to Businesses.