Community Connections Asheville
Asheville's LGBTQ On Line Magazine
Community Connections Asheville is a
  tribute to the now defunct Asheville LGBT Newspaper of the 80's, Community Connections.  
At it's height it consisted of over 32 pages and was distributed from DC to Florida, providing insights of the Asheville community and articles of interest for all in the LGBTQ world. 

Today, the name is revived to provide uptodate
insights on local, state and national news and events important to the LGBTQ community. 
July 1995 issue front page of Community Connections
Everything Asheville and WNC
A SAGE chapter is forming in Asheville. 

WNC Health -
Sister Care changes name and direction
AIDS Vaccine coming soon 
International AIDS Society (IAS) meets in Paris

In The News - Current Happenings affecting LGBTQ
Latest HB2 Happenings and how you can take a stand. 

Destination Asheville 
Article on Same Sex Weddings in Asheville

Asheville LGBTQ News- Special traveling Exhibit
of Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals in Germany 1933-1945 at UNCA Ramsey Library.
-Opening Reception 
- Gay Background History
-Gay Camp Survivor's Story
and more.

Commentaries  - Explanations and  commentaries on current events and situations affecting Area and National LGBTQ communities.