"Activate Your Unlimited Potential"
Dr Jenn utilizes the chiropractic adjustment and Network entrainments to help reestablish the connections between your brain and rest of your nervous system to expand the areas of ease in your body so that you can reach your full potential; a life of happiness, health, and freedom.

Dr Jenn found her home in Asheville and established her practice 5 years ago. 

Dr. Jenn has completed study in the area of pediatrics and pregnancy thru the ICPA and 
 is also Webster Technique certified, a technique specific to pregnant women.She utilizes various techniques including Activator, Drop, Diversified and extremity adjusting as part of a holistic approach to healing.

She believes it is important to give back to the community not just as a healer but in her volunteer efforts as well. She is the former secretary of the board for Blue Ridge Pride and has been a sponsor of many of their events.

Dr. Jenn Cournoyer
3076 Sweeten Creek Rd.
Asheville, NC 28803
(828) 230-7253
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Great Adjustment!
I love getting adjusted my Dr Jenn. I have been ache and pain free for a long time but continue to go because regular chiropractic has proved to be one of the best wellness and life enhancement strategies I have used to avoid colds and flu, and keep my body/mind connection flowing so I can stretch myself and grow--because those shifts always show up in my body. The adjustments bring me back to balance every time. Thanks Dr. Jenn!
​                                                                  Kristine Madera - Feb 21, 2015