Asheville Fine Art Show
October 27 & 28, 2018 
Pack Square Downtown Asheville
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM each day
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One of the exhibitors looking forward to this
 year’s show is award-winning contemporary 
gay artist
 Armando Pedroso.

His works can be found
at Pack Square on 
October 27 & 28
at the Hot Works 
Asheville Fine Art Show
Armando's Story:

Fine Arts Show Featured Artist 

Pedroso took that risk himself after 9-11. Following the attacks, he was laid off from his corporate sales job of 18 years. Instead of giving in to despondency, he sought guidance from that inner voice we each have. His told him to paint. 
It was a strange directive given that he’d never painted before. But taking a Kierkegaardian leap of faith, he replaced his corporate mentality with an abstract expressionist aesthetic and redirected his energies toward establishing a career in the arts. 
The risk paid off. Doors of opportunity flung wide open. And continuing to listen to his persistent inner voice, he boldly ventured into new vistas, discovering the artist inside clamoring for release.
Pedroso embraces an astonishingly wide variety of media in his work. In his abstracts and wall hangings, for example, he deconstructs and reconstructs layers of roofing tar, epoxy resins, plaster, metals, rich acrylic pigments and found objects of all types and description. 
“I love to take unconventional, found and discarded objects and make them relevant and [restore their] … purpose, meaning and … beauty again,” Armando explains. “Like people we all have different stages of decay and beauty in our lives; I’d like to think my art captures those stages.”
Regardless of the medium or series, Pedroso’s overarching objective is to create inspirational and emotionally-driven paintings and sculptures. His work has a highly metaphorical quality that resonates with viewers from all demographics and walks of life. 
“Sometimes playful, gritty or with an urban feel, my paintings try to capture the essence of what an individual’s dream might look like if they were inspired to take that leap of faith in their own life,” he says matter-of-factly. But it is this premise that infuses his work with a high degree of authenticity.
Based in Chicago, Pedroso spends almost half the year exhibiting his work in numerous indoor and outdoor art shows throughout the United States. 

His oeuvre of work can be divided into two groups. The first group consists of urban-themed multi-media abstracts, wall hangings, and hand-molded copper and aluminum matrixes from a series he titles “Moments of Me.” The other is more representational, including Midwestern-style barns contrasted against stark, abstract skies and foregrounds, geometrically-arranged still lifes and a series he calls “Dreampushers,” which expresses Pedroso’s belief that everyone has an individual gift to share “and that if one takes a risk to live their dreams, they will inspire others to live theirs.”

You can view Armando’s work, talk to him about his inspiration and process, and even acquire one of his multi-media pieces for your private collection at the Asheville Fine Art Show From 10-5 Saturday and Sunday, October 27 & 28.
Also visit his website