GayAshevilleNc began as a need for more information about and for the LGBTQ community of Asheville and Western North Carolina through social media website and Facebook pages.  Sponsors to the site have been proud to exclaim their acceptance and welcoming of the community to their businesses or services. 

GayAshevilleNc -  Sponsorship 
Sponsorship Benefits:
• 24/7 GayAshevilleNc website Listing presence- a listing under specific categories that include a brief description, Contact information, picture, logo, live links to Website, Email, Facebook 

 • Yearly marketing of, Website and Sponsors through Asheville Visitor Center racks, Facebook page and other media outlets.  

 • Display ad option increases your presence with ads sprinkled throughout the website incorporating a roll over link to the listing page or your website. 

• Inclusion of special events of interest to the LGBTQ community on the GayAshevilleNC Community Calendar and Community Bulletin Board
What Do I get by becoming a Sponsor?
What are the Levels of Sponsorship and exposure on the website.

A Sponsorship Listings is the most economical way to express your support and get exposure as an LGBTQ welcoming business or service.  The cost is very minimal at $180 for a full year.  That equates to
as little as $15 per month.  

A Display Ad has more exposure with the addition of ads placed throughout the website. The cost is only $300 for a full year which equates to a mere $25 per month.

A Banner Ad gives you the most presence on the website with double size ads, additional display ads, the listing page and the additional listing on the Classified Page.  The cost for all this exposure is $480 per year which equates to $40 per month.   

Complete design of ad and listing page information is complementary.  Becoming a Sponsor is simple, easy and only requires contacting us.  We will send you out an agreement form and work with you to bring attention to your business or service. 
GayAshevilleNC -  Sponsorship Benefits You, the Community, an area LGBTQ Non-Profits. 
GayAshevilleNC uses all money collected above the operating expenses
 to promote and support area LGBTQ Non- profits through out the year. 

Become A Sponsor Today. 

Sponsorship on GayAshevilleNc is very economical and one of the greatest ways to let the LGBTQ community know about you, your services or business and that you are welcoming. 
Have a question or can't decide what level of Sponsorship.  

Contact us and we will be glad to create a sponsor listing for you.

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Who is viewing the Website? 
In the past 4 years of existence, the average monthly viewership has been 1200 visits per week.  The visitor make up comes from local WNC to out of state looking to visit or relocate to the area.  In addition to the LGBTQ community, many allies visit the site to attend activities or support LGBTQ supporting businesses.
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