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The Asheville chamber of Commerce describes Asheville as that type of unique, special place that lingers sweetly in your mind and memories for years to come. The city's rich architectural legacy with its mix of Art Deco, Beaux Arts and Neoclassical styles is the perfect retro-urban backdrop to the edgy energy that emanates from the locally owned-shops and art galleries, distinctive restaurants and exciting entertainment venues. Known as an art colony, a healing resort and a home to notable luminaries, statesmen and bohemians, Asheville is one of the most welcoming, vibrant cities in America.

A bastion of cutting-edge art and technology in the Blue Ridge, the city also prides itself on its fascinating Appalachian past and celebrates this culture with annual events such as Shindig on the Green. While many cities underwent major overhauls in past decades, Asheville's historic and architecturally diverse downtown remains beautifully preserved.

There's something special about Asheville, and the world is just beginning to discover it. This thriving mountain city features a funky and eclectic downtown, 30-plus art galleries downtown alone, a burgeoning culinary scene, a thriving live music scene and, of course, the awe-inspiring scenery of the Appalachian Mountains.

Diversity is not just a word, it is a reality in Asheville. Take a stroll down Lexington Avenue and observe the variety of unique shops and individuals that make up what is officially called "Main Street USA."  Experience downtown after dark when it comes alive with music, outside cafes and streets filled with all categories of people.  The commonality is they all are having fun and enjoying life in Asheville. 

Western North Carolina:
                Breathtaking,  Picturesque, Tranquil and Exciting 

 Outside magazine consistently ranks Asheville and surrounding areas among its top destinations for outdoor recreation and adventures.  It is not hard to see why, only a few minutes outside of downtown Asheville and you are driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway or tucked away in a valley surrounded by majestic mountain ranges with lots of activities. 

Plenty of land remains open to enjoy those activities, build your dream vacation home or escape to the tranquility and seclusion of a mountain top like the picture above of Purchase Knob Hill. 
Just What are the Blue Ridge, Smoky and Appalachian Mountains and their Differences?
The most noticeable difference between the Smoky Mountains and the Blue Ridge Mountains is the appearance. The Blue Ridge have a soft blue haze around their peaks and ridges, while the Smoky Mountains have a fog (smoke) around theirs and they are all part of the Appalachian Mountain range that extends from Canada to Alabama.  The Blue Ridge range extends westward toward Tennessee/North Carolina boarder  where the range becomes the Great Smoky Mountains.
Relocating to Asheville

Diversity also applies to real estate
                   available in the area.
Asheville is made up of many different areas and neighborhoods with each offering the buyer an opportunity to experience mountain living to his or her taste. 

Downtown Area Radius 
Urban living is at it's finest for individuals that want to be close to everything happening. A large quantity of condos have taken over the skyline over the past few years offering a variety of options and price ranges from completely renovated historic buildings to new ultra modern ones. 
Surrounding immediate downtown are cozy Historic neighborhoods such as Montford and the newest old neighborhood "Chicken Hill," full of Victorian, Arts and Crafts, Dutch Colonial and many more architectural designed homes and bungalows.
Overlooking Asheville with stunning views are Condo areas like "Wind Swept" and individual homes perched on Town Mountain. 

North Asheville and out to Weaverville
Traveling north from downtown are many neighborhoods that were considered among "the" places to live. You will find old established single family homes on tree lined streets in areas known as  Charlotte Street/ Grove Park and Kimberly Avenue.  
Merrimon Avenue is the leading street dividing North Asheville in half with older homes surrounding the University of North Carolina area on one side and older homes backing up to Kimberly Avenue on the other. 
Merrimon Avenue is the connector for two more massive neighborhoods.  One is Beaver Dam Road which branches off and is a reference point for the many condos and single family homes found along it's way up the mountain to the Blue Ridge Parkway.   The second is known as Beaver Lake and consists of older established homes in the Asheville Country Club area on one side and older large homes bordered by Beaver Lake on the other side. 

Weaverville is just beyond Beaver Lake out Merrimon Avenue. While a separate town from Asheville, it is included because of it's closeness to downtown.  Here is where you find those single family homes perched along side mountain vistas with beautiful views of Western North Carolina and Tennessee. 

For other areas including:
West Asheville, South Asheville, Biltmore Forest,
East Asheville, Fairview and Leicester areas....continue

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Some Asheville History
West Asheville in the 1920'2.. 
Old Battery Park Hotel before it burned and 
was replaced by current building.
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